Look good, feel good, and do rad shit.

That’s what I want for every woman and person negatively impacted by misogyny.

Here’s some stuff I do:

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❤️ I am available for 1-on-1 makeup lessons via Zoom. Sessions are $1 per minute (I recommend booking a 60-minute session for a full lesson and 30-minutes for specific questions to elevate your existing look). Fill out the contact form for more info!

❤️ I am available for makeup services on an extremely limited basis, and will be raising my prices due to COVID safety measures. If you’d like me to do makeup for your wedding or photo shoot, get in touch and let’s talk.

❤️ My workshop, Aesthetic Salvation, is in the process of being retooled so that it is more accessible, more fun, and more bad-ass. Stay tuned for updates (the best way to do this is subscribing to my emails!)

❤️ I am a social media manager and copywriter for feminist and justice-centered entrepreneurs? Do I want to support you doing your awesome work? Totally. 😍 Get in contact with me and let’s do this thing.

❤️ I am currently exploring a coaching certification so I can further support women and folks with marginalized identities to Be Truthful, Be Visible and Be Powerful in life and work. I’ll be offering some free and reduced-cost shit that you definitely want to take advantage of. I don’t wanna bang the drum about this fucking email list again, but... that’s the way to be the first to know about this stuff.

Scroll a little to learn a bit more about me! 


Hi, I’m Angela Morris.


I am a makeup artist, social media manager, beauty historian, feminist, writer, podcaster and trauma recovery nerd. I am personally obsessed with beauty history, and what it says about women, culture and power.


My life and work is with high-achieving creative professionals, healers, coaches and feminist entrepreneurs, helping women and those negatively affected by misogyny to get aware, healed and free from what I call "Oppressive Beauty CULTure."

I show you how to Be Truthful, Be Visible, and Be Powerful in your life and work. I do it by offering makeup artistry, social media management, copywriting and education to help you create a visual language that is fun, creative, expressive, and most of all… on YOUR terms.


In my 12 years as a makeup artist, I have worked with women from all walks of life. In this work, I listened as amazing, successful, intelligent and beautiful women, asked me to help them hide who they are, or told me to change them in order to “fix them” or “make them pretty.”


I was angry. Not at them. I was angry at how they (and all of us) were conditioned to think something is wrong with us.


I’m here to tell you, that nothing is wrong with you. In fact, the truest, most authentic version of you is what is right – and that holds the power to give you what you truly want… not the false promises we’ve all been sold about Oppressive Beauty CULTure.


It became my mission to interrupt these kinds of narratives and ask women to think about ourselves in a different way -- one where we tell our story, on our terms.

Our beauty practices, our personal style, our branding and our professional image, should be FUN. It should feel AWESOME. When you look in the mirror or look at your branding, you should see the TRUTH about yourself. What you LIKE, how you FEEL, and what you WANT is vitally important… for yourself, your business, your loved ones, your clients and your world.

You define your own narrative. Let’s get beautifully, radically different about the way we approach beauty, business, self-expression and professionalism.

    © 2020

     Angela K Morris