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My original plan for this week's email was to talk about edited photos versus non-edited ones, but... Y’all. Let me gush for a moment, please and thank you. I have new, FUCKING AMAZING branding cards and elements for Instagram made by Nisa Fiin. If you aren't following me on Instagram already, you can check out some of the new stuff here!

Let me explain a bit about the expansive nature of the Feminist Ecosystem. This is a long, detailed, magical and beautiful ride. This is just one of many stories about how bad-ass women are and the rad shit that happens when we work together and inspire each other. Keep in mind, there are many other women in this journey that poured themselves out to me that I’m not mentioning this time for brevity’s sake, but as involved as this is, I want you to leave this post knowing there are EVEN MORE WOMEN than are mentioned here. At the beginning of this year (before COVID even hit) I felt stuck and like I wanted to do more than just makeup artistry. I wanted to write and speak, and guide women on the journey to identifying, asking for and getting what they want. But I didn’t know how the fuck I was going to do that. I joined a year-long, feminist, justice-minded marketing program called We Are The Culture Makers. Smash cut, COVID hits. I move to Long Beach. The day after I get there, I have a job offer retracted. I freak the FUCK out. I go to my marketing group and tell them shit is hitting the fan. Several of them Venmo me whatever they have available to give, and they are generous. The leader of the group, Kelly Diels, tells me she needs a social media content manager. So I go from “what the fucking fuck am I going to do” to “I have a new career in the feminist sphere” within 4 days. Women in the group start seeing what I’m doing and everyone is riding for me. They hire me. They send their friends to hire me. Kelly hires a woman-owned branding company called Flourish to do a cool, sleek branding kit for her. This makes her work and my work look even more bad-ass. I notice that this branding is not the typical feminist business branding. It is a true reflection of who this Kelly is. And I want that for me too. I go to my friend Nisa and say “hey can you make me a couple of quote cards for Instagram using photos of me that already exist? I want them witchy, sexy, and vintage without being pin-up. And if you can throw in some elements that look like a 90’s riot grrrl zine, that would be dope.” She does a couple for me. Then she says, “Angela... I LOVE doing this. This brings together all my loves: photography, graphic design and scrapbooking. Do you think people would pay me for this?” Yes Nisa, I do. She ended up making an entire new brand kit for me, and it is totally jaw-dropping. So, if you’re keeping track... during a global pandemic, a group of women (The Culture Makers) supported another woman (me) to bootstrap a brand new business, and through witnessing the woman she works for (Kelly) supporting the feminist ecosystem through making sure to hire a woman-led company (Flourish) with her branding, she inspired another woman (me) to do something similar, which led to yet another woman (Nisa) starting a brand new business that combines all of her artistic passions... and her clients will be mostly women who own businesses. That paragraph is so filled to the brim with bad-ass women that it is almost impossible to follow, am I right?  If you believe the lie that women are competitive or mean to each other, or that they are wired betray each other all the time, take this as one of many examples of how most women actually behave when they are around one another. If you need help, support, or to get shit done, and you’re a woman, you’ve likely been led to believe that you must do that through a dude, or at the very least, that a dude is the quickest and easiest way to do that. I know I was taught to believe that. The years I spent trying to get a dude to give enough of a shit about me to help me thrive in this life, makes me sad and angry. I believe that that lie is intentionally taught to us to keep us spinning our wheels and easy to control. What we need is right in front of us and it is in the ways we help each other out. We do NOT have to lose ourselves or compete for resources. We DO need to show up, gather, be honest about what is fuckin going on in our lives, share resources and fuck shit up together instead of trying to perform enoughness in the hope of approval. I am so grateful for all the feminist circles I exist in, from photography to the beauty industry to sex positivity/swerk to coaching to social justice. And of course, my new branding is the shit. A couple of updates before I close out: - I am rolling out an awesome new monthly event called Make-Up Happy Hour! Each month, we'll get together via Zoom and you can ask questions about makeup. I might even demonstrate some techniques! It will be a ton of fun. You (my email subscribers) are the first to hear about it and will get first access when I get registration set up. - I am available for 1-on-1 makeup lessons via Zoom for $1 per minute. I recommend 60 minutes for a full lesson and 30 minutes if you have some specific questions on how to elevate your existing look. Send me an email or shoot me a DM on Instagram to book one! - My workshop, Aesthetic Salvation, is undergoing some retooling to be more accessible and more awesome than before. I plan to relaunch it as a once-per-week course instead of being a week long, and I am working on ways to make it available for those to whom it might be cost prohibitive. Stay tuned for updates! - Nisa and I created an adorable apparel and accessory brand that we've been marinating on for some time. The designs are all focused around feminine sexual power. Its called Stay At Home Domme and we have a brand spanking (lol) new Instagram that I hope you'll follow here! - I helped someone break up over text this week. And I seem to be the go-to lady to help my friends get the last word. This gave me a great idea to create a side project called The Break Up Text. As a part of my mission to help women and people negatively impacted by misogyny to Be Truthful, Be Visible and Be Powerful, I am passionate about making ghosting a partner a thing of the past through affective communication. I'll be offering consultations via Zoom, followed by a well-crafted break-up text that helps people get closure and give their soon-to-be-ex the break-up they deserve (whether that's sweet or salty is up to them). 

Be Truthful, Be Visible, Be Powerful,


P.S. I offer personal makeup lessons via Zoom, and offer social media management services and copywriting for feminist entrepreneurs. Interested?

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