Resisting Oppressive Beauty CULTure

Live Workshop

October 12-15, 2020

We have the power to define what beauty and professionalism means -- to us, and to the world.


Beauty rituals can be personally liberating and nourishing, professionally empowering, and shift our culture.


No, really!


Throughout history, womxn have used their style and presentation as a way to speak a visual language of power.


If you’re a creative professional, healer, coach, or feminist entrepreneur, you define YOUR visual language through YOUR style and presentation… and even your self-care.


These are practices where womxn can take control of standards defined FOR us but not BY us. Creatively. Skillfully. Powerfully.


This can be a FUN and PLAYFUL practice of self-expression.


How we present ourselves is how we create a story and a visual language.


It is a brand asset to define beauty and professionalism, on your terms.


Something outside of us, however, wants to define them for us.


I call it Oppressive Beauty CULTure.


It tells us what we have to be, tries to put us in a box, tells us we are the problem, and fills us with self-doubt and uncertainty.


It runs like a cult, because it is one. Cults control people by convincing them that if they conform to the rules, they’ll be loved, accepted, free and happy. But the rules keep changing, and its definition of perfection can never be achieved.


Oppressive Beauty CULTure can leave us in a constant state of fear and second-guessing, and keep us from being, getting and doing what we want most. We are conditioned to constantly look for guidance on what the rules are, when the true nature of beauty and self-expression has never been about following rules.


In fact, it’s almost always been about breaking them.



Hi, I’m Angela Morris. I am a makeup artist, social media manager, beauty historian, feminist, writer, and trauma recovery nerd. I am personally obsessed with beauty history, and what it says about womxn, culture and power. My life and work is getting womxn aware, healed and free from Oppressive Beauty CULTure.


I show you how to be truthful, be visible, and be powerful in your life and work. I do it by offering makeup artistry, social media management, and education to help you create a visual language that is fun, creative, expressive, and most of all… on YOUR terms.


You are defining your own narrative. Let’s get beautifully, radically different about the way we approach beauty.


In my 12 years as a makeup artist, I worked with womxn from all walks of life. In this work, I listened as amazing, incredible womxn who endlessly trash-talked themselves, asked me to help them hide who they are, or told me to change them in order to “fix them” or “make them pretty.”


I was angry. Not at them. I was angry at how they (and all of us) were conditioned to think something is wrong with us.


I’m here to tell you, that nothing is wrong with you. In fact, the truest, most authentic version of you is what is right – and that holds the power to give you what you truly want… not the false promises we’ve all been sold about Oppressive Beauty CULTure.


It became my mission to interrupt these kinds of narratives and ask womxn to think about ourselves in a beautifully, radically different way.


Makeup, our daily beauty ritual, our personal style and our professional image, should be FUN. It should feel AWESOME. When you look in the mirror you should see the TRUTH about yourself – that there is nothing wrong with you, and what you LIKE, how you FEEL, and what you WANT is vitally important… for yourself, your business, your loved ones, your clients and your world.


That’s why I created a new course called Aesthetic Salvation, and I hope you’ll join me.





  • Use your beauty ritual and personal style to do life and work the way you want to – without losing yourself

  • Get out of shame and fear about your professional presentation, and into power

  • Get out of obligation and into play and joy

  • Use your imagination as a style guide, instead of following rules

  • Stop self-shaming, and start giving yourself love

  • Start appreciating yourself and stop apologizing for yourself

  • Do more self-celebrating, and less self-criticizing


My vision for you – and for ALL of us – is to use our style, our presentation and our beauty rituals as a joyful act of power. It doesn’t have to be an obligation or an attempt to hide who we really are. That’s impossible to do if we are sacrificing ourselves and worshiping the false idol of Oppressive Beauty CULTure. We must define what beauty means to us, and what it can do for us (because if it harms us, it is NOT for us).


♥ I want you to use makeup and style to express who you really are and create more space in the world.


♥ I want you to have beauty rituals that are life-giving, nourishing and healing rather than harmful.


♥ I want you to be able to define your own narrative , personally and professionally (that means developing a visual language).


♥ I want you to use makeup and style as a culture-shifting creative practice.


♥ I want you to be able to redefine professionalism on your terms.



A lot of courses teach you how to look good for Zoom. This course takes a distinctly more feminist and historical approach. I’m going to give you a quick history about how we got the unjust, oppressive makeup standards we have, so we can see what they are, where they came from and how to get free of them, so we can do it on our own terms.


Whoever defines the narrative is in the leadership position. How you present yourself is part of your visual language. With this course, you get to design your own presentation of yourself instead of having it defined for you. Beauty rituals and style can be nourishing, joyful creative practices.


This shit doesn’t have to harm us.


We address and become conscious of the ways we’ve been influenced throughout history to strive for impossible expectations that are deliberately designed to get us to play small.


We get to the root of who you are, what you want, what matters to you, and where you want to go.


We define our narratives together, through practices that build you up – NOT tear you down.



LIVE Workshop

October 5-8, 2020

6pm CST

via Zoom


$495, or 3 payments of $165

  • 4 live, 1-hour group lessons (October 5, 6, 7 & 8) so you can interact with others, learn and ask questions

  • a private, personal makeup lesson (60 minutes via Zoom) to create your own visual language and a beauty ritual that is meaningful to you

  • creative exercises so you can have fun developing your own personal beauty ritual that creates joy in your life

  • follow-up recordings of the course to watch on your own time without ever worrying about missing a class

  • a bonus digital guide with helpful information, exercises and tips to update your visual language as it evolves with you

I know that when womxn take joy in the way we care for and present ourselves, we can break the spell of Oppressive Beauty CULTure.


That’s when we can access our individual voices and our collective power.


When we learn to be truthful, be visible and be powerful for ourselves, we model it, and inspire other womxn to do the same.


I want a world where ALL womxn know who we are, get what we want, and do what makes us happy… instead of being told who to be, what to do and how to appease Oppressive Beauty CULTure by sacrificing ourselves.


Our best selves aren’t the ideas we are sold by companies profiting off of our suffering.


We must define what beauty means to us.


Our best selves are our authentic, joyful selves. Let’s let them shine together.

    © 2020

     Angela K Morris